No, honey, your name : Storytime

If you’ve been here, here as in our blog, for a few posts you’ve probably seen that my name is November. Yes, like the month. Yes, I get that question all the time. So, I figured I would share with the world a few of the common situations I’ve been in because I have a ‘unique’ kind of name…

  1. I need to make a nail appointment : I call the nail salon, I’ve never gone there before. The lady answers the conversation goes like this…
    Me : Hi, I’d like to make an appointment for Thursday at noon
    Her : Okay, what do you need done?
    Me : A full set.
    Her : Okay, and your name?
    Me : November
    Her : Oh, honey, no we can’t make an appointment that far away, is it for a wedding?
    Me : Uh, no, that’s my name.
    Her : I don’t understand, if this is a prank…
  2. My name tag says November, because you know, that’s my name. When I worked at the movie theater I got this question constantly towards the end of November and beginning of December…
    Them : Are you going to change your name tag to December now?!
    Me : (In my head : No, I’m a person, not a calendar!) No.
  3. 4/5 college professors when calling role on the first day…
    Them : Joe Adams, Sally Barker, Umm… Cameron November?
    Me : Well actually my first name is November but I’ll answer to Cameron.
    Them : Oh, I thought it printed wrong.
  4. Taking calls at work…
    Me : Thank you for calling, my name is November, how can I help?
    Them : Uh, did you say November?
    Me : Yes.
    Them : Oh my gosh, is that really your name?
    Me : Yes…
    Them : Okay but really, is it your name?
    Me : Uh… Yes.
    Them : That’s so neat, so here’s my problem…
  5. Introducing myself in a social setting…
    Them : *laughing* Is that your real name? What’s your mom’s name?
    Me : Jeana.
    Them : Oh, oh, do you have siblings? What are their names?
    Me : Well my brother is October *this causes more laughter* bet you’ll never guess my sister’s name.
    Them : *After guessing every other month* Then what is it!?
    Me : Sara
    Them : What? That’s so weird!
    By the time they know my name and my brother’s name they think my sister’s name is weird, I wonder what psych phenomenon that is…

Anywho, these are some funny conversations I have on a pretty daily basis. And if you have questions I’ve got answers.

Until Friday! Xx

What do you go by? November… My full name, the only cutesie nickname I’ve ever appreciated was Nova (like a supernova), dubbed by a friend of a friend in high school.
Would you ever change your name to something normal? No, I’ve gotten a few opportunities just because my name is different and anything that makes me special in the sheeple heard is cool with me.
Were you born in November? Yes.
So you were named after the month? Yes and no.
Then what were you named after? My mom was young and obviously a little wacko because I was named after a Guns n’ Roses song, November Rain, don’t bother looking it up if you’ve never heard it (it’s long and boring). I was born in November, it was raining the night I was born, and the song was on the radio.
Why isn’t your sister a month? They’re twins and were born in October, we couldn’t have two.
But she could be Autumn! No, my mom hated the name Autumn.
Do you like your name? I guess, do you like yours?

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