Ipsy : October 2016

Yay! Hello Ipsy, it’s been too long! For those of you who don’t know, Ipsy is only 10 dollars a month and you can cancel at any time. I score these based on the actual dollar value of the contents of what I like and will use. If the value of the contents is more than I paid for the bag then it’s a win, if not it’s a loss, if I call it a loss three months in a row I will be cutting myself off. Blah, blah, blah… Let’s get right into it.

Oh, em, gee! This bag is literally the most beautiful thing I’ve gotten so far, it’s head and shoulders above my previous favorite, the holo July bag. It’s a blush pink, (my second favorite color) with black halloween-ish icons printed haphazardly around. The best is definitely the Ouija board that says ‘Whatever.’ Oh, and the bag was stuffed! I’m literally bouncing I’m so excited about this one!

Again, I don’t check the sneak peeks for these bags because I feel like the whole idea is that you’re surprised by what you do end up getting.

img_8093First out of the gate is a product I’m almost never excited about. Nail polish. Kokie Cosmetics in the shade ‘Heavenly.’ It’s a purple gray kind of shade and I’ll probably use this in December, I like wearing pale blue/purple nail polish in the cold months, it is definitely not even close to being cold yet where we live. It’s cute, it’ll cost you six bucks if you purchase directly from them, and yeah, it’s another nail polish.

Fingers cross for a good one and it’s… Lipstick? I almost never get lipstick in my Ipsy bags, I don’t know if my preferences lean towards not wearing lipstick or what, but I think this is the first one I’ve received. It’s a bright, creamy red, and I’m. Ob. Sessed. I have the world’s largest collection of deep red lip products, everything from liner, to gloss, to liquid lipstick, in shiny, matte, glitter, it goes on. I’m a red lip girl. This one is by Teeez Cosmetics and this ‘deluxe sample’ is full-sized. The packaging reminds me of the swap meets my grandparents used to drag me to in the best kind of way. The whole swap meet reference ends when you open the top and see the words “She stops a moment to eat some berries, that make her lips color deep red.” I practically died on the spot, could this be more perfect? The tube design, to me, looks cheap. But guess what, it’s not. Want to take a guess at the price? I’ll wait… $22. 22. *que the TSwift track*. Woah. But after feeling this product and seeing how it really does repair my dry lips, almost like a chapstick, I’m almost going to go buy it in another shade. On the website it says it is infused with wild mango, I didn’t notice a scent but I’m definitely going to go home and see if I can smell the mango. Yum! This bag is a win on product two!

I was already excited to get into these products and now I’m stoked to see what else I got.

img_8113The Balm, Hot Mama blush/eyeshadow… Who in their right mind would be able to use that one inch pan for a blush brush? It’s pink. Like a real shimmery pink. I might use this as a highlight one day but I’ll drop dead before it gets anywhere near my eyeballs. Also, I don’t mind using products as multipurpose but I feel like when it comes to cosmetics the people who created the product should know what they intend it to be used for… The Balm has this advertised as a blush that can also be worn on the eye and also be used as a highlighter… No. One purpose. Thanks. I’m also not a fan of The Balm’s card stock packaging. And for $21 I expect nice everything.

Well, right now, we’re two and two, what’s next… A lip scrub… That smells like buttercream. Mm. Well. I live in a bakery so this buttercream stuff is not really my thing. I like fruit or flower scented things, I’ll probably use this just because I like lip scrubs but I’m not hyped. If you do think this is up your alley it’s $11.99 for 5grams from indi beauty.

That one’s a little bit of a shrug, and the next one is a more positive shrug. NYX vivid brights in vivid gunmetal, which I can’t find on their site so… The other vivid brights liquid eyeliners go for six bucks. This liquid eyeliner is something I’m about to get behind, it’s a one pass and opaque deal, yes! I really like the idea of colored eyeliner but I can never justify the cost of one when I’m not sure if I would use it so this is a plus for my collection.

All in all I’m really impressed by this bag, maybe not reviewing the products I get really is the way to go…

Until next time, Xx!

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