Target Beauty Box : October 2016

Mmkay you guys, last month I did a bunch of research on the Target beauty boxes and from what I read they release on the first Monday of every month. If the first of the month falls on a Wednesday they get released that Monday, even if it’s in the previous month. I think this system is kind of unfair and a little bit deceptive but, there is a but, I was able to get the box this month! I first attempted on September 26th because the first of October was a Saturday, but it wasn’t available. Luckily, I was able to get my hands on it on October 3rd. I checked for it daily and found that it was Sold Out by at least October 7th.

Without any further ado, here’s the October Target Beauty Box!

You can find the box on Target’s website, the price ranges every month, this month it was $7. There’s a good mix of full sized products and samples in every box and we have been lucky enough to find some winners before, the most memorable being the Dessange Paris clay based shampoo, we’ve repurchased this at least twice since receiving it in a box. You can also see all of the products you’ll be receiving on the beauty box page.

This month the theme was Autumn’s A-LIST, a supposed collection of the must have beauty products for the real start of fall. All products can be purchased on Target’s website, and most products are available in store…

Hold the phone… No! One of the products in my beauty box must have opened in shipping has coated the inside of the box… That’s gross. Uhh… I probably won’t be contacting Target because it’s not a big deal, but it’s still nasty.


The first thing I took out was the thing that opened, it’s the Jergen’s wet skin moisturizer. This product retails at $6.19 for 10 ounces. Allegedly, you can apply this to your skin while you’re still damp from your shower and it will brilliantly moisturize you. It has coconut oil, (you got a problem just throw some coconut oil on it) but it is pretty odorless from what I can tell.


And then I had to take out the most moisturized product (haha get it, because it was covered in the moisturiz… yeah I know I’m not funny). ChapStick, it retails for $4.99 and it’s tinted. Ooh. I absolutely abhor tinted chapstick, I don’t know why or where I got this fired up hatred but I refuse to use a tinted lip balm/moisturizer/healer/anything. If I’m wearing chapstick it’s because my lips are dry and they definitely don’t need any kind of fragrance or dye on them. This is a big *ss chapstick in the shade Merlot. It’s more brown than it is red or purple but hey, I’m sure someone likes it. Maybe my sister will enjoy this, she’s a chapstick fanatic.

If you’ve never been here before, welcome, if you have, what up. If you’ve read any of my other Target Beauty Box posts then you know that I have a score to settle with this product. I also really enjoy these boxes because pretty much everything is affordable, which I definitely love, and it can all be purchased at Target. I use the same kind of scoring system for this box that I use for Ipsy, if the value of what I will actually use and enjoy in the box is worth more than the cost of the box then I call the box a win, if not it’s a loser. If the box isn’t a win for three consecutive months I’m going to cut myself off. So far, this box doesn’t have much going for it.

The next product is this Eden body works peppermint tea tree s20161011_211736hampoo and conditioner. I love getting shampoo and conditioner samples together because I almost exclusively use corresponding sets of products so I don’t like using just the shampoo or just the conditioner. When you see the bold ‘peppermint’ and the mint leaf marketing they’re not exaggerating. This product is like a box of altoids. It’s not bad if you like the smell of straight mint, which I do, but if you’re at all adverse to mind scented things, run away! They both individually retail for $7.79 for 8 ounces, so you would pay $15.58 for the pair. The samples are 2 ounces a piece, valuing them at $1.95… We are still not quite looking at a winning box here.

I’m going to lump together the next two because I don’t have anything good to say. The Wet and Wild liquid liner retails for $3.99, if you’re on a budget this works fine, if your make obsession knows no bounds, like mine, go for something else… Actually, even on a budget, the NYC liquid liner is great, it’s what I used for all of high school. And then there’s a Derma E hydrating creme with Hyaluronic acid that will set you back $20.99. I have really nice skin without using much product and my skin is super sensitive so I’ll be sticking with my Aveeno daily moisturizer.

Alright you guys, the big product in this box was the Laneige BB Cushion. It came with the sponge applicator and three different shades of product. Number one, I used to think that BB cream was foundation, don’t judge me. And number two, all of these shades are too d*mn dark for me. Also, wtf. I opened it up thinking it was a powder because the packaging boasts a ‘no messy liquid’ thing… No, it’s still a cream liquid type thing, just in a sponge? If that makes sense. And then, and then! You guys. This product will cost you $34, thirty-four, three and then a four. At Target! Nope. No way. I could get some Mac face and body, I could almost get a new Kat Von D foundation, or Urban Decay. I’m honestly kind of disgusted by this product. What’s the point? It’s oily beyond belief and just… Ah!

I’m just going to stop here. This box was definitely not a win and I certainly didn’t need any of these products for Autumn. Fingers crossed it’s better next time… Xx

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