But I bought it : Storytime

Hi guys, so today I thought I’d share this quick anecdote, our neighborhood is still recovering from Hurricane Matthew and it’s been a rough weekend all around…

Last night one of my all time favorite youtubers posted a closet sale. She and I are around the same size and I’m in love with the clothes she buys (hence the favorite youtuber status), so I got super hyped and ran over to her closet sale site at 8:15pm EST, the sale went live at 7pm CST. The site was down and she posted that there were some problems with the host site and it was allowing people to purchase the same item multiple times but she only has one of each item.

So I waited and refreshed the page and started going through the closet sale. She hosted through bigcartel.com which is a site you can use to host your own sales and such. During this closet sale you can only hold an item in your cart for ten minutes and then you have to readd it. The only thing I saw that I really, really wanted was a lace empire top so I kept clicking refresh, add, back, refresh, add, back, because when I would try to add the item to my cart it would say ‘Sorry someone else has this in their cart’ and it doesn’t tell you how long you have until it expires in that other person’s cart. I did this for almost twenty minutes and it let me add the item to my cart!

I purchased the top immediately. I was super hyped, I don’t really ever buy myself clothes that are name brand because I like quirky things that have sayings on them and I would rather have ten five dollar t-shirts than one fifty dollar lace blouse. This morning I saw that my purchase was refunded… There wasn’t a note from the seller herself, just from Paypal saying that if I have a dispute I can contact the seller… On her snapchat she said that the site kept messing up and someone else bought the things first but other people were still allowed to buy it and she can’t control it and yada yada yada.

Me and Eduardo sell quite a bit of merchandise through Amazon so we’ve been through the seller/customer communication process before. Amazon messaged everyone about Hurricane Matthew and basically said, ‘Hey, shipping is probably going to be delayed.’ We contacted the three people we recently sold to just to reassure them that we had already dropped their purchases off to the post office but due to the hurricane shipping was probably going to be delayed a few days and we included the tracking number. We used the same template for each email and just replaced the tracking number.

I’m kind of bummed that the only explanation I got for the refund was in snapchat… I think about it in the kind of way like, what if I didn’t have a snapchat, I would just get this refund and have no idea why. I get that the host site was the issue and I’m not mad or anything, it’s not a big deal, it really is just a shirt. And I get that she’s busy and has a life outside of the internet and whatever, it doesn’t mean I’m not like boo…

Anywho, sorry for the lackluster post today, maybe this will help other people who receive delayed shipping or no response from sellers understand why. It is quite hectic and it certainly is a lot of work to keep up with multiple listings on multiple sites.

We’ll be back on Wednesday with an update on how Hurricane Matthew affected us. Xx.

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