They’re 17! : Storytime

Happy birthday to the twins! My siblings turned seventeen this week and I was so excited. A month ago I was in a severe panic over what to get them… My brother is all about video games, and video games, and some more video games. My sister is into sculpture art, she’s never hard to shop for.

I had decided on getting Toby some giftcards and I had a bunch of ideas for Sara, from Calvin Klein underwear to a modern polaroid camera. However, last month, during Hurricane Hermine, I remembered my brother saying something about how we didn’t bring our Keurig brewer with us over to the house. I took that idea and ended up running with it..

We went out to Hurricane Grill and Wings and got some super yummy garlic parm fries and wings. We tried the new maple bacon sauce (ew), no one at the table recommended it. Afterwards we made our way over to the house where the twins opened up their presents!

Our mom got Toby a Fender acoustic guitar and my sister got a wig she’s been begging for… And then my presents *muahahaha* came out. It was like Christmas for them, literally present mountain formed on our counter.

If you ever wanted to know, it takes about five hours to wrap 142 individual K-cup pods. That’s right, I wrapped 142 of those little b*st*rds. We got the Keurig brewer at BJ’s wholesale for about $90, it came with a fancy filter and 48 assorted K-cups. Sara got two brews specifically for her, Toffee Butter and Seattle’s Best original blend. Toby got two brews special for him, Cinnabon and Macadamia Cookie. We got all of those flavors at Wal-Mart, they come with 16-18 k-cups and cost about $11 a box. We also got a variety pack from BJ’s, it came with four kind of generic flavors. I know that 142 is kind of absurd but I didn’t want them to whine about having a coffee brewer with no coffee for at least a few months.

Now, how are they going to drink said coffee? Hmm, I wonder. We made a stop at Tervis and purchased both of them a mug. Sara got an elephant wearing glasses and Toby got Suicide Squad.

We also picked up a fun game… Doritos Roulette! There’s supposed to be mostly nacho cheese flavored chips in the bag, but a few are super hot, they all look and smell the same. Me and Eduardo were too afraid to try it, it made my spicy food loving brother sweat!

All in all, we had a great night and it was super fun to watch them open all of their boxes!


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