Storks (2016) : Would We Watch it Again?

When we saw The Secret Life of Pets in June there was a preview for the movie Storks. In the clip one of the main characters, Tulip, is in the warehouse and something malfunctions and babies start coming out of the machine like crazy. I’m only a little bit baby crazy so we had to go see this movie.

This movie reminded me of The Secret Life of Pets in the sense that the animations were adorable but the actual story fell flat. There were loose ends that didn’t get tied up, and plot starts that never went anywhere. For a child to follow, the story kind of has to be one note, there has to be a solid beginning, middle, and end. Storks has a muddled beginning, an okay middle, and a confusing end. The comedy part of the movie is never ending, you get punch line, after punch line, and by the end the laugh was forced.

The kids in the theater only really understood the (literal) slap stick comedy, and by the end I think they didn’t really know what had happened in the last ninety or so minutes. We liked the movie for what it was, but I’ll watch anything that has babies in it, and we probably won’t watch it again.

Unfortunately, we would give Storks a 4/10…

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