Halo Top Ice Cream : Noms (?)

Targeted ads are kind of the bane of my existence. I’m one of those people who’s unusually susceptible to good (or bad) marketing, pretty much anything that makes it through my ad blocker gets clicked on and then purchased… Good for the companies, not so good for our wallet. The other day I saw an ad on Facebook for this low calorie, low fat, all natural, Halo Top ice cream. This ice cream ad boasts 240 calories per pint while tasting just like every other ice cream in the freezer aisle.

You read that right, I didn’t believe it myself, 240 calories per pint, that’s 60 calories per serving! I did some research, like what kind of artificial sweeteners does it use, the fourth ingredient on the carton is erythritol, Livestrong has an article about the risks and benefits of this additive. We decided that it would be a cool product to try, we don’t usually have ice cream in the house. The only place they sell Halo Top around us is at Whole Foods, so we made a special grocery trip over there to pick up some guilt-free ice cream.

It’s a comparable price to most other pints of ice cream and the packaging is super simple. My favorite ice cream is mint chip, they didn’t have any so we got chocolate and lemon cake. Currently Halo Top sells seven different flavors, but no cookies and cream or cookie dough, boo.

First thing we noticed is the texture, this is not the traditional creamy, frozen treat, it breaks up kind of like when you scrape a chocolate bar. It’s extremely light, both in weight and in taste. I do wonder if the lower calorie is because the carton is half air…

And then the taste… It’s not horrible, it tastes like chocolate ice cream in the same way a chocolate protein shake tastes like chocolate milk, there’s some similar flavors but it’s just not the same. The chocolate one would be edible if I was desperate, but I will not be craving this product any time soon. The lemon cake was so subtly flavored I’m not sure it should even be called lemon cake.

If you’re an ice cream addict and you’re looking for a lower calorie option, this is a good one. We rarely have ice cream in the house so if I was craving some mint chip Talenti, I would be really upset to see this in the freezer… Unfortunately, this ice cream is probably going to end up freezer burned before we even try to eat it again.

We are considering trying some dairy free ice cream options so that we could keep ice cream in the house more often, if you have any suggestions leave them down below.

Until next time. Xx

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