Puppy noms : Lucy

I probably haven’t mentioned before but I grew up around dogs, and none of the dogs I grew up with were very well behaved, mostly because their owners just didn’t know how to treat them. My parents’ dog, who is literally so sweet, has some of the worst mannerisms. First, she barks at anything outside the door. Someone knocks, someone walks by, a car drives by, she’s barking. Second, she whines any time she wants something because, in their house, that’s the only way to get attention. And third, she begs. Constantly. Their dog knows the words pizza and cheese but still won’t sit on command (unless you ask her to sit for cheese). She will climb onto the counter to get pizza down, and she will proceed to eat the whole thing. She eats all kinds of people food (this is a different storytime for another post, I’ll link it when I get the will to write about it) which is fine if it’s something your vet and you have discussed, but in her case it led to never ending begging.20160922_063308-1

To combat the begging we’ve conditioned Lucy to get excited for super specific treats, and let me tell you, she loves it. Lucy won’t beg, but she does get excited when she sees us pull out some fruit and the blender because she knows that we’re making her ‘crate treats.’ We make these treats with all kinds of fruits and different add-ins. It’s not just these treats but they are definitely a big part of the reason why she can sit on the bed with a plate of bacon and doesn’t care at all, I’ve included photographic evidence.

If you’re looking to add some more diversity to your dog’s diet or just to create a cheap and healthy treat to help with training, hopefully these human grade, nutrient packed snacks help you.

First, you’ll need to gather up your ingredients. I made some pear treats for Lucy last night (pears are a good source of fiber, folic acid, and a whole slew of vitamins) so I used three ripe pears, a medium sized banana, and about two tablespoons of coconut oil. I also got our Ninja blender ready to use. I don’t include yogurt in her treats because I find that even a small amount of dairy doesn’t sit well with her, use what works best for your pup.



I skinned the pears because the skins don’t blend well, I also really enjoy pear skin as a snack.


I chopped up the pear meat and popped half of it into the blender with a banana and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Pears oxidize quickly, I know that the end result looks really unappealing, good thing Lucy doesn’t seem color discriminatory.

After that’s a good puree texture I added the second half of the ingredients and blended again.

We give Lucy some of the pureed mixture with her breakfast or dinner as a tool to get her to finish her kibble. With new treats we let her try some, she’ll let us know if she doesn’t like it. Once she gives it her approval we load up the mush into some silicone molds, we have flowers and hearts from Ikea and a large pill shape from Target. The freezer gets a little tight with the treats but once they’re frozen we put them into baggies, the orange treats below are made from fresh roasted pumpkin (make sure if you use canned pumpkin that you don’t use pumpkin pie filling).

These keep for 6-8 months but they’ve never been in our freezer more than two weeks, we make fresh treats a few times a month. We like to keep a couple different kinds on hand for diversity and to compensate any issues we notice during the day, different fruits digest differently and each treat has a different caloric value.

Let me know if your dog like a specific type of fruit, Lucy loves to try new things!

Until next time. Xx

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