Ipsy : September 2016

To be completely honest, right off the bat, I’m not particularly impressed with Ipsy lately. Last month, the design of the bag was cute af but this month I am less than enthusiastic. The girls in the dresses are cute but why does it have to spell out “I-P-S-Y” you know? The bag feels like it’s of better quality than last month so I’m sure I’ll get some use out of it. Also, did anyone else see the dress @lottacurlz made, inspired by the August bag. I’m only a little obsessed with the way she repurposes these bags.

20160915_193113I’ve already talked about the bag a little bit but let’s get real descriptive. It’s a black, gold, white, and beige bag designed for the Glamazon in us all. It has a metallic gold zipper and the interior is black. The bag is textured in a way that it feels like a scrunched up umbrella (just think about it, it makes sense). I actually do have an issue with the bag as a bigger social issue, why are all the women light skinned? The bag was designed for glamazons, but only white ones? Why they gotta be white? I’m not trying to start anything but shouldn’t a community that’s so focused on acceptance regardless of appearance be making more of an effort to create products that are applicable to all, not just some? I’m getting off topic a little…

When I emptied the metallic pink envelope two items spilled out, a brush and the bag. I’m still a little bit peeved that the brushes don’t fit in the bag. I mean I love receiving brushes, don’t get me wrong. I also love having the bag but I want an all in one. Regardless. The brush is by Coastal Scents, it’s a limited edition ‘Elite medium shadow brush.’ On the website they sell a small version for $3.95 and a large version for $5.95. Split the difference the medium would cost you $4.95, and it is worth every penny. This is my new go to brush for my every day eye shadow looks. But if I could purchase this brush for less than five dollars… Ipsy does not have my confidence this month.


Next came this dry conditioner by Eva NYC… What? I’ve never heard of or used dry conditioner. The reviews look good but I’m still not too sure. I haven’t used this product yet, mostly because it intimidates me but whatever.  I also noticed they gave out the full size version of this product in the stylist bags at Gen Beauty. The full size of this product will cost you $14 for 5.1oz. This trial size was 0.75oz making the total value about $2.06.


I fell in love with it Cosmetics no-tug gel liner in my May Ipsy bag, before I even started blogging about my Ipsy life. So when I saw the it Cosmetics Superhero mascara I almost cried. I am super picky about my mascara. My lashes are already long, they just need some color, so if a mascara makes them clump or fall out I’m over it in a flash. I put off trying this mascara for a few days because I was nervous I would hate it… Complete opposite. I love this mascara as much as I love my KVD. It makes my lashes dark enough to pop without adding weight and they stay soft all day. This mascara will set you back by $24 for 9ml if you purchase through their site. The trial is 5ml, valuing in at $13.33. I can already tell you I will repurchase this as soon as it runs out.

20160915_19422920160915_194056Now I’m kind of upset with Ipsy for sending me yet another nail polish. This one is an Ulta3 Nail Colour in sizzling red and it costs $1.73 on their website. I’m grumbling a little about this one. Not even is it absolutely not a deep fall color, it’s the cheapest nail polish they’ve sent me. Not just cheap as in price, I mean cheap as in quality. It’s comparable to a polish you get in those makeup sets as a kid. Boo. (Please ignore my sh*tty nails.)
20160915_19354020160915_193422The last item I received is this Eyeko London ‘Eye Do Liquid Liner.’ I don’t mind receiving liquid liners, but nothing has ever made me stray from the Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Liner. This is just another one in the bunch. This liner will cost you $20 for 2g. Cool I guess. The trial of 1.2g values at $12. They were also running a promo on their site that includes a free deluxe trial size of their liquid eyeliner with any purchase. The photo on the left shows their ‘Widelash’ technology, which is supposed to “to help eyelashes appear longer, fuller and stronger with up to 3 times more volume in just 15 days regular use.” But it’s an eyeliner… I mean I don’t know how you apply liquid liner but when I do a cat eye the liner is on my eyelid, not my eye lashes. I’m not sure the science behind that claim but I’m calling a real quick BS.

I’m not sure if you caught on last month but these past two months have both been duds. If Ipsy doesn’t pick up the ball in the next two months I’m going to cancel my subscription. Boo! I really don’t want to do that.

Until next month. Xx.

P.S. I also consistently review both the bag and the products I receive. However, it seems like the more I review the less personalized my bag becomes.

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