Burning my wrist : Storytime

Okay, I know, everyone burns themselves while they’re doing their hair, but not me! I never burn myself while I’m curling or straightening my hair. Until today. Motherf*ck*r.

I was already more than halfway through curling my hair so I couldn’t even stop and go properly care for my wound. No, I had to finish. Eduardo was just like, you’re nuts. Lucky for me though, my July Target Beauty box had that wound care thing in it and it’s still on my vanity because I already have a wound cream in our first aid kit. Yassssss!

I applied it to my burn in a thin layer. Whoopdido. It made the pain fade pretty quickly and my burn looks like it’s only going to blister around the edges. Score for me. I definitely recommend picking up a small size of a wound cream to have on your makeup table, it works for random cuts, scabs, burns, yada yada yada. Also, if you drop your 410 degree hair tool don’t try to grab it!



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