Ipsy : August 2016


Yay! It’s that time of the month again (no, not that time of the month), metallic pink envelopes are getting more and more exciting!

So, this month I didn’t cheat and look up what I was getting early, I wanted the full effect when I opened the bag… I did see the ‘top five’ products of the month. Ipsy has announcements where they’ll tell you five products and you’re guaranteed to get at least one of those exclusive products. I had my fingers crossed for either the Benefit eyebrow gel, the Ofra cosmetics highlighter, or the NYX liquid illuminator… Let’s get into it!

The bag this month was designed by someone important in the Ipsy world but I lost the email and I can’t find the post so whatever. It’s probably my most beautiful Ipsy bag, but it feels the cheapest… It’s a cheap plastic-paper-ish material (did that even make sense?), and I feel like I’ll tear it if I put it in my purse. The theme is Sugar Highness so I’m expecting some high glam items.

The first item I pulled out is this black Beau Gachis applicator sponge. *Grumble* MyIMG_0952 Beauty Blender is one of my most prized makeup possessions, it works miracles on my face, literally. I’ve had a couple of the knock-offs and I’ve had one of the colored Beauty Blenders, there is nothing that can compare to the original pink. It’s black and super dense, not at all like my Beauty Blender. The Beau Gachis website won’t load for me so I couldn’t check the price but there is a duo on Amazon and Ebay that goes for $25-$35… I’d rather have a Beauty Blender for $20.

Hope for this bag has pretty much been lost, which is sad. I’m only one product in. Next is a IMG_0947nail polish (I’ve gotten nail polish in every single Ipsy bag except for last month), it’s a pretty purple color, the official shade is Unscripted (Jk, I wore it on my nails this week and it’s pink). I haven’t had much luck with these polishes but I’ll give it a go. Who doesn’t want more nail polish? You can find them here for $14 a bottle! I would never buy this product for myself. Ever. Why would you spend $14 on a bottle of nail polish?

The bag is officially worth the ten dollars. Like I said in my July post, I compare the cost of what I got to the $10 cost of the bag. If the products I enjoy, and will use, value over ten dollars I call the bag a win.

IIMG_0946 got a deep hydrating treatment from Marc Anthony. I don’t usually use any kind of extra hair stuff, the only one I use on a semi-regular basis is the keratin smooth oil from Tresemme, I buy it at Wal-Mart for some amount of money, I honestly don’t even remember how much, it’s lasted me forever. I’ll probably use this treatment just to see what happens with my hair but I wouldn’t repurchase. I searched a couple of sites and the most similar product was at Walgreens for $2.99. Coolness, I guess.


The ‘obsession’ product that I received was the Tarte lip creme in the shade wonder. It’s nice but it’s a weird color for me, it also has mint in it and I don’t like minty products to sit on my lips. I’ll be passing this product on to my sister. The full size of this product is $24, hail to the no.

*Spoiler* The last product is the best thing I’ve gotten in any Ipsy bag, ever. I’m not a bronzer person, I highlight and contour like a boss but living in Florida I don’t ever feel the need to look ‘sunkissed.’ This bronzer is the most beautiful warm, gold tinted, highlighter I have ever dreamed off. Pacifica is a vegan and cruelty-free company that makes all kinds of products. They sell their bronzer in two shades, sunkissed and glow, and they only sell it as a duo for… $12!  This just saved my August Ipsy bag from complete disaster.

Until next month. Xx

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