Suicide Squad (2016) : Would We Watch it Again?

Last March I saw an article for Suicide Squad that was about Jared Leto cutting his hair off. First off, who’s Jared Leto…? Second off, another super hero movie? No. Thanks. But I read the article and how the movie was about the super villains forming a super team to do something super for the government or something…

Super villains, that’s something I can get behind. So I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out since then.

I saw, like most people who were hyped up for this movie, the bad critic reviews and here’s what me and Eduardo have to say to them… boo!

This movie was brilliantly put together. It was the best example of exposition I’ve seen in a while. And can we just stop for a second and appreciate the make-up team on this movie.

*Moment of silence*

Seriously, the amount of crap flying around and water being thrown, there’s always a goof and it makes me so mad! I understand, it’s hard, you’re making a movie, but come on, why is the latex peeling off their skin (*cough* 50 Shades)? Or why is the scar/injury in a different place than it was two seconds ago (*cough* 50 Shades)? But this movie was fabulous. There was one major goof, see if you can catch it too (hint: Harley Quinn’s hair), but I was okay with it because I might have just not been paying close enough attention.

Other than that, this movie was just really cool to watch. The story was great, each character was developed appropriately and even though there will obviously be sequels, the movie did have a solid ending. My brother, who is sixteen, also really enjoyed the film. We did talk about the objectification of women after the movie and I’m glad that he made this point, why are people so angry about the objectification of Harley Quinn when the men in the movie are also overtly good looking and masculine? Food for thought.

However, keep in mind that we are not super hero movie/comic book people. Before Deadpool the only hero movie I’d seen was the original Spider-Man (you know, Tobey Maguire original). I do not follow the original story lines. Eduardo and I can’t comment on how well this vibed with the comics. We can only talk about how great of a movie this was.

We’re super excited for the sequels and spin offs that come from this film. We probably still won’t be watching any of the super hero movies.

8/10 would recommend!

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