Meal Prep Madness

Me and Eduardo barely have time to eat out, let alone make our meals on a daily basis, so we are huge fans of the meal prep movement. This usually takes us three hours, from stepping into the grocery store to putting everything in the fridge. The great thing about meal prepping is that it takes us no time at all to eat healthy throughout the week!

We start with a trip to the grocery store, whether that be Wal-Mart, BJ’s, or Publix. The bulk of our weekly groceries come from Wal-Mart, it is a great deal for almost all pantry items. At the end of our trip we scan our receipt and move on to the next!

At home, I get the cutting board and Eduardo starts the “What do you need now?” montage. I always do our flavor neutral items first, such as lettuce, carrots, and chicken, items that we will both eat. Then I move on to items that only one of us will eat… like my olives! Once all of the cutting is done, the baggies come out…

We use the snack sized Great Value brand baggies for both portion control and to save space. I measure out all of the dry items, quarter cups of any nut product (This is the first time I bought salt and vinegar almonds and I absolutely LOVE them!), half cups of fruit, half cups of dried Edamame… It’s tedious but it’s rewarding when we don’t waste money on snacks from the gas station.

The best part of meal prepping is that we spend time in the kitchen together, talking about food!

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