Blog, Yes


So starting a blog is not as easy as we thought it would be. We have been talking for a year about what we should blog about, how focused should the blog be, should we make multiple blogs for our multiple interests…? The questions just kept popping up.

What happens when you don’t know? You figure it out. We started researching, it started as Google research, ‘How do you make a blog?’ and it quickly grew to buying books about blogging, watching videos, reading pages and pages of other blogs… in the end we came up with the same answer to all of our questions, it doesn’t matter. We can blog about whatever we want!

At first the idea was scary, do whatever we want? We learned that while there are guidelines, there are no rules. We can blog about our dog, my crafts, his computer, our job, cooking, cleaning, anything. If we do it right, there isn’t anything stopping us from becoming a success.

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